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  1. Gabriel Magalhaens, A New History of China, Containing a Description of the Most Considerable Particulars of that Vast Empire, 1688 (en anglais) :
    The Eastern Tartars moreover in derision call’d China, Nica Corum, or the Kingdom of the Barbarians, tho’ at present, now they are setled therein, and are become Masters of it, they call it Tulimpa Corum, or the Kingdom of the Middle. The Kingdoms of the Indians, as Canara, Bengala, and others call it Chin, as I was inform’d in the Province of Sù Chuen by two Jogues, of which the one had been at Goa, and had learnt some Portugal Words; and, as I understood at Pekim, by some Merchants of the Country. This name of Chin seems to have been given to China by the Indians, because of the Family of Chin, who reign’d a Hundred sixty nine Years after Christ; though I find more probability to believe that it comes from the Family of Cin, who reign’d two Hundred forty six before Christ, the chief of which Family was Master of all China, and among the rest of the Province of Yûn nân, which is not far distant from Bengala, because the Chineses pronouncing strongly, and whistling the Word Cin through the Teeth, the Indians that cannot imitate them, pronounce it Chin, and the Portugals, who took this word from the Indians, not having any word in their Language that ends in N, have added an A at the latter End. The Italians write China like the Portugheses; but they pronounce it Kina; and so they ought to write it Cina, to give it the same sound as the Germans who write Schina.

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